Lucifer, Vol. 3: A Dalliance With the Damned

By Mike Carey

Rating: 3 stars

This volume of everybody’s favourite anti-hero contains three apparently unrelated triptychs, a story of what’s going on in Hell and a short after-story where Michael confronts Lucifer again.

This volume didn’t really do an awful lot for me. The three triptychs were interesting, the first being being Mazikeen’s story of trying to “fix” her face. After being an almost-illegible face in a mask for two volumes, it’s nice to see her get fleshed out a bit, and her story is taken up again in the final segment of the volume. Elaine’s story of trying to find her friend, a journey that takes her to Hell and back, was probably the least interesting of the three, while the final triptych showing Lucifer’s Garden of Eden and the serpent that appears there had a marvellous irony to it.

The second story, showing a power-play going on in Hell seemed like a side-show, with no real purpose other than to fill space. I liked the conceit that in a particular region of Hell, the fashion amongst demons has become to take on the aspect of Humans of the Renaissance period, and what comes of that, but the central story seemed weak, even if Christopher Rudd was quite a cool character.

The final, short, segment shows us the petitioners who come to Lucifer to try and gain entrance to his new Creation and how he deals with them, while simultaneously showing us two young people who are drawn to it and sneak in. I’m sure their fate is symbolic, but I’m not sure what of, other than showing just how callous Lucifer can be.

I’ll continue reading, as I find the arc plot interesting, but this volume of shorts seemed more like punctuation in the story rather than the next chapter.

Book details

ISBN: 9781563898921
Publisher: Vertigo
Year of publication: 2002

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