Lucifer Vol. 5: Inferno (Lucifer, #5)

By Mike Carey

Rating: 4 stars

Despite having lost most of his power, Lucifer has a meeting to attend in Hell, and he prides himself on always keeping his word. He has been challenged to a duel by the angel Amenadiel and the time has come to fulfil that obligation. Meanwhile, his consort, and war-leader of the Lilim, Mazikeen, is on the track of the god who has the two feathers that contain this power.

I found this story pretty riveting, with Lucifer’s pride in never going back on his word being shown as a major weakness, but he has enough intelligence and generally sneakiness that you always hope and feel that he’ll come out on top.

As well as the main story of Lucifer’s duel, at the end, there is a short story at the end about the parents of Elaine Belloc, who died in the previous volume, and the detective who will anger angels to find out the truth. Also, the fallen cherubim who hang around with Michael are awfully cute.

Although I’ve found earlier volumes in this series to be quite slow, the pace really picked up from the last volume and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the series now.

Book details

ISBN: 9781840238273
Publisher: Titan Books (UK)
Year of publication: 2004

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