Lucifer, Vol. 8: The Wolf Beneath the Tree

By Mike Carey

Rating: 4 stars

It’s the end of the world and I feel fine. With God gone and his Name no longer holding everything together, the wolf Fenris emerges to destroy Yggdrasil while Michael journeys to take advice from Destiny of the Endless.

The first part of this book tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s first consort, and her liaisons with both Michael and Lucifer before the Fall as well as her part in it. This is an interesting story in fleshing out a character who has previously only existed as mother to the Lilim. It also features a young Mazikeen (in her only appearance in this book, much to its detriment) who’s just as awesome as she would grow up to be.

The second part is an oddity, and one that didn’t really work for me. Neutral ground is found for a conclave of demons, deciding what to do now that God is gone. The organiser, bored with the whole affair, goes to have some fun with their “host”. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what happened here. Did Lucifer trap the conclave? Or was it all just a diversion?

The final part brings us to Fenris and Yggdrasil and the ultimate trick played on Lucifer – for once not in control of the situation. Fenris is a manipulator worthy of the Lightbringer himself, and his use of the human madman to achieve his ends is creepy and totally fitting for this mythos. I’m not too sure about the final pages though, which seem to introduce yet another element into this already bulging story. I’ll just have to read the next volume to find out more.

Book details

ISBN: 9781401205027
Publisher: Vertigo
Year of publication: 2005

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