Lumberjanes: To the Max Edition, Vol. 4

By Shannon Watters

Rating: 4 stars

The fourth ‘To the Max’ edition of the Lumberjanes series first sees a group of Lumberjanes elders show up for an inspection, and promptly get kidnapped by a giant bird. It’s up to Roanoke to save them, with some help, of course. Later, we get the return of Diane from the first volume and the volume is rounded off with a little story, told by April to her notebook, about a bird-boy who starts following her around (spoiler: he doesn’t eat any of their faces).

I enjoyed the first two stories in this book immensely. Kittens, giant birds, Greek gods, courtship and friendship come together in deeply touching stories that make us think that the world will be all right, whatever happens. Some of us have great families, some not so much, but friendship and found families make it all better. The last story didn’t grab me quite so much, with a lack of depth and of the things that make Lumberjanes so great to me. I wasn’t hugely as fussed by the art style used in it either, although it did suit the story.

Book details

ISBN: 9781684151837
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Year of publication: 2018

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