Maskerade (Discworld, #18)

By Terry Pratchett

Rating: 4 stars

Granny Weatherwax is bored, and Nanny Ogg knows just what she needs: a third member of their coven to replace Magrat, who’s gone off to be a queen. But the perfect choice, Agnes Nitt, has gone off to Ankh-Morpork to join the opera. But there’s something odd going on there too, with ghosts, dead bodies and troublesome artistes all creating the sort of problem that Granny loves to get her teeth into.

I hadn’t read this book in years, until the sad death of Sir Terry put me in mind of the Discworld again. It reminded me just how funny the man could be. Despite the fact that I went off his later books, at this stage, he was still making me giggle like a schoolboy. Frequently. Out loud.

Twisting The Phantom of the Opera in the way that Pratchett did best and using it to observe and make cutting remarks about human nature. Agnes/Perdita is a very sympathetic character and Granny and Nanny make their usual incredibly readable double act. A marvellous book for anyone who loves music, opera, comedy and human nature.

Book details

ISBN: 9780552142366
Publisher: Corgi
Year of publication: 1995

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