Memoirs of a Spacewoman

By Naomi Mitchison

Rating: 4 stars

I very much enjoyed this book but find it difficult to describe. It is written as exactly what it says on the tin. A space explorer by the name of Mary is writing a record of her adventures. Set at some point in the undefined future, the heroine is a scientist, explorer and “communications expert” who explores and establishes communication with alien species. It’s never stated what “communication” is, although it’s clearly not just language, and it’s suggested that some form of telepathy is involved.

This is very much the antithesis of gung-ho SF of the Heinlein/Doc Smith variety. It’s thoughtful, with no up-front conflict, more concerned with the ethical concerns of exploring space and the problems of communication. Despite, or perhaps because of this, I found it compelling reading.

Book details

ISBN: 9780704339705
Publisher: The Women's Press Ltd
Year of publication: 1962

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