Midnight Blue-Light Special (InCryptid, #2)

By Seanan McGuire

Rating: 4 stars

The second volume of McGuire’s InCryptid series picks up with Verity Price some months after the end of Discount Armageddon. In that book, the Covenant threat to New York really wasn’t one at all, while in this one, that threat finally arrives, in full force. Verity is completely thrown by this and anguishes over which way Dominic will go while at the same time she has to protect her city’s cryptids from the Covenant.

I enjoyed this book a lot. Verity is a fun narrator and I enjoyed spending time in her head. We also get a second narrator for part of this book in the form of Verity’s cousin Sarah, the telepathic, maths-loving, adorkable cuckoo, and we get to see more of their family. Despite this, Verity, and her relationship with Dominic, are very much at the heart of the book.

If it had one major weakness, I felt that it was the Covenant. When they do turn up and things turn nasty for Verity, they feel very much like cartoon villains. They all but twirl their moustaches. I sort of feel that they would have felt like more of a threat if they’d been at all relatable. If they could have threatened Verity’s worldview, not just her life, that would be a threat. But they’re oddly bland. The best we can get is that they’re religious fundamentalists, and that would be an angle worth exploring (especially in a post-9/11 world) but they didn’t even get any decent monologues.

On the other side, the cryptid community does get some expansion. The bits where they all group together to help rescue Verity and show solidarity in diversity were probably the bits that made my heart swell the most. Even the Aeslin mice got some cool stuff to do (while still being most adorable). And the contrast between the warmth and humanity of the “monsters” versus the lack of empathy and zeal of the Covenant was hardly subtle.

So a very fun, very lightweight, novel. The world continues to be fun and I’m looking forward to exploring it more in the volumes to come.

Book details

ISBN: 9780756407926
Publisher: DAW Books Inc
Year of publication: 2013

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