Mission To The Stars

By A.E. van Vogt

Rating: 3 stars

In the Greater Magallenic Cloud, the people of the Fifty Suns have hidden themselves since their flight from Earth 15,000 years ago. Now a mighty battleship, the Star Cluster has come to find them and make them, by whatever means necessary, rejoin the Terran Empire.

This book follows themes that readers of van Vogt will be familiar with: that of the hidden group of supermen within a civilisation. While being no ‘Null-A’, the story is nonetheless interesting and kicks along at a decent pace. One thing that I liked about it was that no one group were the clear cut heroes and villains. While the protagonist was very much the hero, he had a foot in the camps of each of the groups and all of them were portrayed sympathetically and not so much as the story went on.

Book details

ISBN: 9780425019733
Publisher: Berkley
Year of publication: 1952

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