Myriad Lands: Volume 1: Around the World

By David R. Stokes

Rating: 4 stars

I found this collection of fantasy short stories at a convention, and was intrigued at its premise of a diverse set of authors telling stories not necessarily inspired by traditional Western history, and not limited to the traditional faux-medieval setting. The book had a high hit rate for me, and with Firestarter a story that really felt like it could be expanded into a full novel – I want to know more about both these characters and the world they inhabit. Other stories that really clicked with me are Ascension about a monk’s journey to enlightenment; The Music Maker about a young woman whose attempt to leave a mark doesn’t turn out as she’d hoped; The Pride of Kutush, telling of a young hunter sent to retrieve a stolen god; and The Beauty of the Dance in which music and magic are tightly intertwined.

There were some that I didn’t really get and some that were good but a bit dark for my tastes, but in all I’ve got to congratulate the editor on the choice and range of stories in the volume.

Book details

ISBN: 9781911486046
Publisher: Guardbridge Books
Year of publication: 2016

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