Nemesis (League of Independent Operatives, #4)

By Kate Sheeran Swed

Rating: 4 stars

In the penultimate book in the League of Independent Operatives series, LIO has got the Pearl Knife back, although Eloise is still too afraid of it to really use it, America has properly got its hate on for people with superpowers, and Thanos Sever finally turns up.

This one is mostly about America, or, at least, the American government, losing its collective head over people with superpowers, leading to a full on underground railroad to Canada, which Mary and the LIO stumble upon by accident and end up trying to help all these people escape. At the same time, Sever makes his way to Earth and runs into Dolly and the OG LIO who scheme to recover the Pearl Knife and take over the League again (while also planning on double-crossing Sever, because of course they are).

Despite being very focussed on the US, I was glad to see at least a passing reference to how other parts of the world are reacting to the US’s growing intolerance, particularly Germany’s outrage. Having been there once, they, at least, have learned from history, something that the US repeatedly fails to do. I mean, they even wear red armbands. It’s not exactly subtle!

After spending lots of books refusing to communicate, the various relationships here start to settle down, and we finally have a hope of seeing our Avengers moment where the bickering stops and everyone focusses on stopping the greater threat.

Swed is great at writing fast-paced, thrilling stories that keep you invested in the characters. I’m very much looking forward to them prodding serious buttock in the next, and final, book.

Book details

Publisher: Spells & Spaceships Press
Year of publication: 2021

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