Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)

By William Gibson

Rating: 4 stars

The archetypical cyberpunk novel, it is still fresh and very readable. Case is an ex-hacker, his ability to connect to the Matrix burned out by a toxin injected by his former employers after he double-crossed them. Out of the blue, he’s given the opportunity to get back into the game, but who is his new employer and what is his ultimate aim?

I really enjoyed this book although I think I’d need to read it again to get most out of it (I feel that about a lot of books – often the first reading is a race just to find out what happens, whereas you can appreciate the journey more second time round). Technically, I have read it before, but it was so long ago that I had no memory of it at all, so it doesn’t really count for helping appreciate the book.

The concept of computer cracking as described by Neuromancer is pretty vague and while this doesn’t spoil the book it slightly frustrates me because it makes it seem much more glamorous than it actually is.

Book details

ISBN: 9780441569595
Publisher: Ace Books
Year of publication: 1984

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