Odd John

By Olaf Stapledon

Rating: 4 stars

This book concerns the brief flourishing of a utopian society founded by a small group of √úbermensch, the chief of whom is John Wainwright, the ‘odd John’ of the title. The book is framed as a biography of John by a devoted friend.

Stapledon spends the first half using the adolescent John to examine modern society and, as in other of his works, finds us wanting. He then describes John’s efforts to find others like him and the group founding a small colony in the south Pacific, before its inevitable conflict with the normal species and its destruction.

A thoroughly enjoyable story with hints that his later work Star Maker might have been a narrative inspired by John and his colleagues.

Book details

ISBN: 9780824014377
Publisher: Garland Publishing
Year of publication: 1935

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