On The House

By Simon Hoggart

Rating: 3 stars

This is a book of political anecdotes from the 1970s and very early ’80s by the author of the Guardian’s sketch column, although the anecdotes here are from when he used to write for Punch. I enjoy Hoggart’s style, with the writing being witty and the anecdotes never outstaying their welcome. Given the time period, he obviously talks about a lot of people who I’ve never heard of, but since they recur again and again, you feel you’ve got to know them by the end, and it was nice spotting people who’d go on to make it big later on.

While some of the stories talk about practices that have pretty much died out, it’s nice (well, maybe) to see that so much hasn’t changed changed in thirty+ years of British politics.

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ISBN: 9780860511588

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