Perverting the Course of Justice: The Hilarious And Shocking Inside World Of British Policing

By Inspector Gadget

Rating: 3 stars

This book is based on an anonymous blog written by a police inspector at the sharp end of policing. The main feeling that I had while reading it was one of depression. His anecdotes instil a depression that fights with anger at the layers of bureaucracy and superiors whose distance from the real world is measured in light-years that the police on the streets have to fight against as much as the yobs on a Saturday night.

I had to fight to remember that he is seeing the worst of humanity and that colours his viewpoint. There are other blogs in the criminal justice system, such as Bystander’s Magistrate’s Blog that tell a different story.

In all, a book that’s worth reading, or at least the blog; I just found that I had to do it in small doses.

Book details

ISBN: 9781906308049
Publisher: Monday Books
Year of publication: 2008

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