Questionable Content, Vol. 1

By Jeph Jacques

Rating: 4 stars

I’ve been reading Questionable Content for several years now and have read it start to end online a couple of times since then, but I’ve decided to splurge on paper copies. The book is physically attractive, being a good size, although I was disappointed by the size of the comics within, with the text sometimes making me squint a bit (especially in some of the wordier ones). But QC is a vertical strip, so having two strips side by side like that on a page seems like the best way to make it work. The art is a bit wobbly in this volume, a long way from Jacques’ later work (as seen on the cover and some of the early strips here, where the originals weren’t of good enough quality to print, so he redrew them) but something I always like about webcomics is the way that we can literally see the artist getting better in front of our eyes.

The plot concerns indie kid Marten and his pals (including sociopathic AI pal Pintsize) just trying to get on in life, find love, a job that they don’t hate and talk a load of crap about music. I’d forgotten just how much time the early comic spends talking about music and bands that I’ve never heard of. Thankfully, this fades away later on, but if that’s not your geekdom, those strips are skippable. I’d also forgotten just how small the cast is at this stage. QC’s cast grows arms and legs over the years, but here, it’s pretty much just entirely Marten, his flatmate Faye and her boss Dora forming the core love-triangle cast, with Marten’s friend Steve and Pintsize as the supporting cast.

The book is funny, interesting and shows flashes of the greatness to come, but it’s still definitely worth reading on its own merits.

Book details

ISBN: 9780982486252
Publisher: TopatoCo
Year of publication: 2010

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