Questionable Content, Vol. 2

By Jeph Jacques

Rating: 4 stars

The second three hundred strips of the excellent Questionable Content see the format shift. We finally get a resolution to the will they/won’t they thing between Faye and Marten and the introduction of the rather awesome Hannelore. The art starts to mature as well and by the end of this volume we start to see the characters as we know and love them today. The cast also starts to expand as not only Hannelore appears, but we start seeing the family of our already established cast, with Marten’s mum, Dora’s brother and Faye’s mum and sister. This starts to make our cast start to feel like rounded people with real lives that we care about (especially after we find out about Faye’s history) and this is something that Jacques has been very good at maintaining to this day. So still early days but evolving rapidly.

Book details

ISBN: 9781936561964
Publisher: TopatoCo Books
Year of publication: 2011

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