Questionable Content, Vol. 3

By Jeph Jacques

Rating: 4 stars

My Great Questionable Content Binge continues with the third collection of the slice-of-life webcomic. So Marten and Dora have become a couple, but it’s interesting to see just how early that Dora’s insecurity over the situation raised its head. I had forgotten about that, from when I was reading it online. I had to skip ahead on the webcomic to find out when they broke up, and it’s not until about #1800 or so, so there’s a good couple of more volumes of Marten/Dora coupledom to come, but if he sticks with the 300 or so comics to the collection, volume 6 will end on a downer :(. It’s also interesting to see how early the seeds of Faye’s hard-drinking and her friends’ worrying about it were sown. That’s something that will get reaped 2000 or so strip down the line. Blimey, that’s some forward planning, going on there!

The enlargement of the cast continues with Penelope (or is that Pizza Girl?) joining the Coffee of Doom crew as well as Tai and Angus making their d├ębuts. QC has turned from a will they/won’t they romance into, effectively, a humorous soap opera, albeit a soap opera with murderous scooters, mischievous PCs and semi-feral roombas. It’s a lot of fun to read, and so much quicker on paper than on-screen (those waits between page loads cumulatively add up).

Book details

ISBN: 9781936561704
Publisher: TopataCo Books
Year of publication: 2012

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