Questionable Content, Vol. 4

By Jeph Jacques

Rating: 4 stars

Volume 4 of the esteemed Questionable Content has an immediate difference over its predecessors: it’s a completely different format. Rather than a large square book, with two comics to a page, it’s a much smaller but thicker book, putting a single comic over each two-page spread. This undeniably makes it easier to read (with less squinting over the text), but it does mean that the books will look different on my shelves, something I detest (I’m looking at you, Laundry Files and SF Masterworks).

As for content, this volume collects comics #900-1200 and both the storytelling and art continue to mature. We see Hannelore’s mother for the first time, and while we don’t see her father, he’s definitely involved. Marten and Dora’s relationship matures, as do Dora’s insecurities. Speaking of insecurities, we also get to see a different side to Steve as he worries about his relationship with Meena. Faye’s drinking gets spotlighted as well, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a lot of laughs, especially where Pintsize and Wimslow are involved.

Some of the author commentary is quite interesting as well, especially where says that he wouldn’t do a joke like that again (often to do with trans issues) or where he disagrees with his characters. I’ve been binging on QC as I got the whole lot of paper collections in one go. So I’ve got one more paper collection to go, and then it’s back to just one strip a day :-/.

Book details

ISBN: 9781936561216
Publisher: TopatoCo Books
Year of publication: 2014

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