By John Scalzi

Rating: 4 stars

Andrew Dahl is a fresh-minted ensign, just out of the academy, and assigned to the Universal Union Space Fleet’s flagship, the Intrepid. But it’s not long before he notices something odd: away missions are much more dangerous than they should be. Someone dies on almost every one, although never any of the senior officers. It’s not long before he discovers that there’s something very strange going on…

This is an amusing Star Trek parody right up until the point where it goes very metafictional indeed. It continues to be amusing, but your brain does tie itself in knots as you try to follow along. It’s difficult to say more without spoilers, but suffice to say that Dahl, our protagonist, and his friends on the Intrepid are likeable people and you’re willing them on through the strangeness.

The book has some touching moments that are all the more so for being unexpected through the humour, especially in the three codas at the end which feel like the right way to close off the story. So a humorous book with a good heart and a lot of wit. Excellent stuff.

Book details

ISBN: 9780575134300
Publisher: Gollancz
Year of publication: 2012

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