Rivers of London: Black Mould

By Ben Aaronovitch

Rating: 4 stars

Another fun outing for PC Peter Grant in sequential art storytelling format. This time, DC Guleed (hurrah, she’s back, I did miss her in ‘Night Witch’!) accidentally runs into some “weird bollards” while checking out a house as a favour to a friend so calls in everyone’s favourite nerd/copper/apprentice.

This volume felt quite light and fluffy compared to the child kidnap of the previous volume but a lot of fun. I particularly liked the return of Tom Debden from the first graphic novel and Nightingale having to deal with a little bit of fallout from that, which was sort of hilarious. No sign of Lesley or the Faceless Man this time round, which I’m perfectly comfortable with. Keep Lesley in particular for small doses, she’s much more effective that way. Mind you, I’d have preferred more Molly, but ain’t that always the case. And when she does show up it’s in a hilarious and very cute ‘kitty’ night shirt. Good show, Aaronovitch et al, good show!

The art is still consistently good; cartoony but carries the tone of the story very well. There’s a great sequence that’s a few pages long and entirely silent, being carried by the art. Creepy and very effective.

As much as I enjoy the graphic novels, I do sort of wish Aaronovitch would space them out a bit more and spend more time on the novels. I miss being inside Peter’s head more, with his first-person narrative. Of course, I’ll keep buying them, but it would be nice to get more long-form written-word storytelling.

Book details

ISBN: 9781785855108
Publisher: Titan Comics
Year of publication: 2017

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