Riverworld and other stories


Rating: 4 stars

Although I’ve read this collection before, it was many years ago and coming to it afresh, particular after I’ve read more of Farmer’s work, was a satisfying experience. Re-reading Riverworld after To Your Scattered Bodies Go, makes for a very good read, since I had more of an idea of what the Riverworld was and how the rules of the world worked and the story itself still holds up.

The other stories in the collection also mostly stand up. The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol is a hilarious story set in an old-people’s home while The Problem of Sore Bridge – Among Others is a pseudo-Holmesian story, although the protagonists are rather on the opposite side of the law. I couldn’t quite get into his William-Burroughs-does-Edgar-Rice-Burroughs Tarzan pastiche but most of the others hit their mark. A good collection.

Book details

ISBN: 9780425064870
Publisher: Berkley
Year of publication: 1979

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