Saga, Vol. 3

By Brian K. Vaughan

Rating: 5 stars

Volume three of this Saga is as marvellous as the rest of the story to date. This time we follow Alana, Marko and Hazel, along with ghostly babysitter Izabel and grandmother Klara as they go to meet the writer who wrote the book that they fell in love over.

I continue to love this story, and now am gnashing my teeth that there won’t be any more for some time to come, as I’ve caught up with the collected trade paperbacks (a similar problem as I have with Gunnerkrigg Court, although at least here I don’t have the temptation of trying to read it three pages a week). Alana and Marko continue to be great protagonists. Their love for each other should be sickening for a cynical old so-and-so like me, but it’s so, so sweet. And it’s so funny as well. So many great lines, but which would make no sense out of context, so there’s no point repeating them here.

This volume also introduces two new characters, a pair of journalists working for a tabloid who get wind of this star-crossed love story and start snooping around. Like every other character in the book, they aren’t 2D stereotypes, but are rounded and have their own problems (not least of which is being accepted as gay on their home planet).

I have no idea where Vaughan and Staples are going with this story, but I’m sure as hell enjoying the ride.

Book details

ISBN: 9781607069317
Publisher: Image Comics
Year of publication: 2014

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