Saga, Vol. 8

By Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Rating: 5 stars

After the constant grimdark of volume 7, I was very pleased to see that this eighth volume of the Saga story lightens things up a little. It’s still messed up as all hell, but in a great way. And damn, but Vaughan knows how to tug at your heartstrings, the song that Hazel sings to her sort-of-imaginary baby brother that she learned from Izabel is just wonderful. We also get to see some of The Will’s past, quite literally, as things he’s done catch up with him, incidentally storing up trouble for our family in future volumes.

Petrichor and Sir Robot are both still around, and some of the interplay between Petrichor and Hazel are hilarious, as the older woman tries to deal with this child. Sir Robot is still rather a broken character, but sympathetic and interesting.

So a lot to enjoy, some mad twists but a much needed counterpoint to the previous volume. Roll on the next one!

Book details

Publisher: Image Comics
Year of publication: 2017

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