Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction

By Ian Whates

Rating: 4 stars

Of the 19 stories in this collection, I loved some, liked most of them and only disliked two or three. That’s a pretty good hit rate for the collection. Unfortunately, the misses for me were some of the big names: I completely failed to get Tricia Sullivan’s The One That Got Away and Pat Catigan’s You Never Know just perplexed me. But on the up side, I adored Keith Brooke and Eric Brown’s Eternity’s Children about a man wracked with guilt as he goes to destroy a colony’s entire way of life; Alistair Reynolds For the Ages, telling of possibly the most audacious plan in the history of Humanity; and Peter F. Hamilton’s very playful, and metafictional, Return of the Mutant Worms about a former SF author whose past comes back to haunt him.

As as well as these gems, Ian McDonald’s A Smart Well-Mannered Uprising of the Dead, Paul de Fillippo’s Sweet Spots and Jaine Fenn’s Dreaming Towers, Silent Mansions are all worthy of more than just namechecks (which is, due to terminal laziness on the part of the reviewer, all they’re getting).

A rather fine collection with a lot of stories worth dipping into.

Book details

ISBN: 9781907992087
Publisher: Solaris
Year of publication: 2011

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