Sparks and Monsters (Girl Genius, #6)

By Kaja Foglio

Rating: 4 stars

The latest volume of Agatha Heterodyne’s adventures see her fighting sparks, monsters, and sparks who either create monsters or try to pull them out of another dimension. Agatha had hoped to be able to spend time in Britain actually working, but the world has other ideas. It’s not easy being a mad scientist trying to free your town from being stopped in time.

This was a lot of fun, with lots of machinations, plots and counter-plots. We get to see some of the history of Albia and the time of the Queens and lots of setup for future action. We even get a reasonable amount of J├Ąger action.

As much as I enjoy reading Girl Genius on the web, page at a time, reading whole volumes like this is so much more satisfying. Roll on the next one!

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ISBN: 9781890856717

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