Star Surgeon (Sector General, #2)

By James White

Rating: 4 stars

Doctor Conway is a Senior Physician at Sector Twelve General Hospital – a giant multi-species space hospital station, caring for sentient beings from your bog-standard oxy-nitrogen air breather to exotic species that live on the consumption of hard radiation. The book follows Conway as he deals with his many and varied patients ranging from a near-immortal alien meddler in worlds right up to Sector General itself…

I think this is another book I read at an impressionable age and I still enjoy it on re-reading although perhaps some of the ideas in the multi-species hospital don’t necessarily stand up. Conway and his foil, chief psychologist O’Mara, are good characters and I enjoyed reading about the many and varied aliens that White imagined up and how Conway dealt with them. Just don’t read it if you’ve got any medical training.

Book details

ISBN: 9780345291691
Publisher: Del Rey
Year of publication: 1963

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