Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2, Volume 2

By Scott Tipton

Rating: 2 stars

This pair of graphic novels crosses over the Eleventh Doctor (+ Ponds) with the Next Gen crew of the Enterprise, where the Cybermen have crossed dimensions to team up with the Borg and wreak havoc across the galaxy. Obviously, it’s up to the Doctor to convince the Enterprise crew that’s he’s right and to save the day. It also very much felt like a Doctor Who story, featuring the Enterprise crew as guest stars. The Doctor gets the starring role (quite rightly, in my opinion) and the others just admire his cleverness.

While there are few surprises in the story (Cyber-betrayal, check; lots of meetings in the observation lounge, check; “it’s bigger on the inside!”, check) it’s pacy enough and it’s fun. And the art is rather lovely, with most likenesses being caught pretty well (although, oddly, not Amy).

So it was just sort of okay, and certainly not memorable (frankly, I’d rather have seen more of adventure in ancient Egypt).

Book details

ISBN: 9781613775516
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Year of publication: 2012

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