Supertoys Last All Summer Long

By Brian W. Aldiss

Rating: 3 stars

This collection of short stories includes the famous Supertoys Last All Summer Long as well as the two sequels that Aldiss wrote and which form the basis of the film A.I. I’ve never managed to read Supertoys until now and I found it a moving story of a boy whose mother doesn’t love him. The sequels were interesting, but they felt much more bitter than the original story and, to my mind, jarred slightly.

I didn’t find most of the other stories in the collection hugely memorable, really. Most of them had a feeling of ‘fable’ about them, so they felt more like fairy tales wrapped in an SF shell, which I like in bits, but I found it wearing after a while. To my mind the best story in the collection, other than Supertoys was probably White Mars, a Socratic dialogue describing how a brief utopia is formed on Mars and offering a hopeful vision of the future of Humanity.

While all the stories here have merit, beyond the title one, I don’t know if I’d read many of them again.

Book details

ISBN: 9781841490946
Publisher: Orbit
Year of publication: 1969

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