The Old Masters

By Brian Davis

Rating: 5 stars

This anthology showcases some of the leading lights of the golden age of science fiction including John Wyndham, Damon Knight, James Blish and Arthur C. Clarke. The stories are all blazing with the shining optimism and sense of wonder of the age; after the atom had been split but before we discovered just how terrible the price for it was. It’s hard to pick any particularly outstanding stories, but at a push, I’d say that A. E. van Vogt’s The Monster about a group of aliens who resurrect a man after the race is dead in the far future and Tiger Ride by Blish and Knight, about a group of scientists experimenting with a strange form of matter on a deserted world on the edge of known space, stand out in my memory.

If you’re not not keen on golden age work and all that implies — little characterisation, almost complete absence of women, etc — then this won’t change your mind. But if it’s the ideas that get you going and you don’t mind your stories to feel a little dated, then these classic stories still stand bright.

Book details

ISBN: 9780450005978

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