Journey to the Centre (Asgard, #1)

By Brian Stableford

Rating: 3 stars

The hollow world of Asgard is thousands of levels deep but only the first three or four have been explored. Mike Rousseau, a scavenger — someone who goes into the unexplored bits looking for ways further down and technology to sell on — finds himself caught up in a race to the lower levels.

This was a fun adventure story told from a first person perspective, something which always makes me hear it in an American private dick sort of voice. The protagonist spent lots of time ruminating on the Big Questions of the universe in the bits when he wasn’t fleeing for his life, or being shouted at and it had a surprisingly downbeat ending, which slightly surprised me. Nothing hugely memorable, but an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

Book details

ISBN: 9780450506123
Publisher: New English Library
Year of publication: 1982

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