When It Changed: Science into Fiction

By Geoff Ryman

Rating: 4 stars

This anthology’s USP is that it brings together SF authors with scientists and the resulting book collects the stories that were sparked by the meetings and discussion. It’s a good collection, with each story having an afterword by the scientist that the author was in discussions with, although it doesn’t start particularly well with Justina Robson’s Carbon being a story that completely failed to gel with me. Most of the other ones hit closer to the mark though, with Ken MacLoed’s Death Knocks, about a reporter searching for the connection between recent army suicides, and Adam Roberts’ Hair, about a genetic scientist who develops a way for humans to photosynthesise through hair, being the most evocative.

An interesting experiment in collaborative fiction that has resulted in some great stories, and I’d like to see more of the same.

Book details

Publisher: Comma Press
Year of publication: 2009

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