The Silver Sword

By Ian Serraillier

Rating: 3 stars

When I saw this in a second hand bookshop for 25p, I couldn’t help but grab it, since it’s something that I read at school (either late primary school or early secondary) and really enjoyed at the time. When their parents are taken away by the Nazis, the Balicki children must flee Warsaw and make their way to Switzerland, along with the orphan thief Jan.

Rereading it now, this is a fairly simplistic children’s book, only briefly touching on the suffering and hardship of the Second World War, but it still moved me in places. The children got a lot of help on their journey, but I’m prepared to believe in that due to the circumstances of the time and the fact that I believe that most people are genuinely good if given a chance.

Book details

ISBN: 9780099439493
Publisher: Red Fox
Year of publication: 1956

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