The Electric Church (Avery Cates, #1)

By Jeff Somers

Rating: 2 stars

Avery Cates is a contract killer in a near future where the world has been unified, forcibly, under the Joint Committee. The System Cops have practically unlimited powers and unless you’re rich, you’re living in the gutters in the ruins of the great cities, mostly destroyed in the unification riots. In this society, Cade accidentally kills a System Cop, bringing the wrath of the system down on him, until he’s offered a very unexpected way out: to kill the head of the Electric Church, a new religious organisation whose first tenet is to convert humans into cyborgs, whether they want to be converted or not.

Another nearish-future dystopia, I enjoyed this slightly more than Moxyland, but that’s not saying much. I didn’t find the anti-hero hugely sympathetic, and given his lack of competence, he was really only kept alive by the power of plot. The Monks – the cyborg ‘converts’ of the Electric Church – with their outwardly placid countenances and lightning reflexes and weapons are intriguing, as is the idea that they prey on the poor and homeless, offering literal immortality. This would be creepy enough without the “involuntary conversions” but they, and their effect on society, are never really explored. The story doesn’t quite hang together either, and, as I’ve said before, I don’t really like dystopias and only read this because the cover blurb sounded interesting and it was free at Eastercon. Not one I’ll be rereading.

Book details

ISBN: 9780316053938
Publisher: Orbit
Year of publication: 2007

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