New Writings In Sf 26

By Kenneth Bulmer

Rating: 3 stars

This is a collection of SF stories from 1975. There’s a decent selection with Christopher Priest’s Men of Good Value, a near-future tale of an SF writer who gets tangled up with a TV crew, David S. Garnett’s The Man Who, an early take on the “doomed to repeat the same day again and again” theme and Ian Watson’s To the Pump Room With Jane, a somewhat disturbing tale of a climate-changed future where icebergs are towed in to provide water, being highlights.

There were a couple of weird stories that I didn’t really get, with Brian Aldiss’ Three Coins in Enigmatic Fountains and The Seafarer, by Richie Smith and Thomas Penman being chief amongst these. These were both very lyrical, but the plots didn’t really go anywhere, I felt.

A mixed collection that was worth reading though.

Book details

ISBN: 9780552102322
Publisher: Corgi
Year of publication: 1975

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