Tank Girl (Tank Girl, #1)

By Alan C. Martin

Rating: 2 stars

I came to this after very much enjoying the film adaptation of Tank Girl. This volume collects the first 15 strips of Hewlett and Martin’s very, very strange comic. Unfortunately, I must confess to not particularly enjoying much of it. As I say, it’s very strange, sometimes non-linear, irreverent and just a little too bonkers for my tastes.

There’s little continuity between stories, and the whole thing of being on the run from the military just seems to fizzle out by the end. In saying that, there were a couple of stories that I enjoyed: the Italian Job spoof was fun, as was the one about God’s dressing gown. The later stories weaved in some Australian Aborigine mythology which was interesting and it would have been nice to see more of that.

An interesting read, but not one that I’d re-read.

Book details

ISBN: 9781840234350
Publisher: Titan Books (UK)
Year of publication: 1990

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