The 1975 Annual World’s Best SF

By Donald A. Wollheim

Rating: 3 stars

Another collection of short stories, which, if it doesn’t contain the best of that year, certainly makes a good stab at it. All the stories in the collection are good but there are a couple of real gems that continued to haunt me well after I had finished them. In particular, A Song for Lya by George RR Martin which has a pair of telepaths (a married couple) brought in to investigate why humans are joining an alien cult where everyone commits suicide was a wonderful read. It was, in essence, a story about the nature of love, hope and life and very memorable.

The loose theme connecting the stories is utopia, what it means to us, how fragile it could be and how one man’s utopia is another’s hell. 1975 seems to have been a good year for that.

Book details

ISBN: 9780879971700
Publisher: DAW
Year of publication: 1975

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