The Callahan Touch (Mary’s Place #1, Callahan’s #6)

By Spider Robinson

Rating: 3 stars

So Mike Callahan is gone, back to his own time and place, and Callahan’s Place was blown up in a nuclear explosion. Is that going to stop the regulars? Of course not. Several years later, Jake Stonebender, our narrator through the series, opens his own bar, Mary’s Place, and the old Callahan’s regulars flock back. Hilarity (or at least puns), as they say, ensue.

This was an enjoyable book to read, but, for me, it misses the magic of the original trilogy. The core theme there was to help those who came in, on the principle that pain shared is reduced, while joy shared is increased. Here, we only get one new person to help in that way: Jonathan Crawford, who is overwhelmed with guilt. Although we have some new characters introduced here, Duck and Naggeneen amongst others, they’re not hurting and in need of solace. We don’t get to see the gang doing what they do best, which means that, I fear, we don’t get to see Robinson at his best either.

This is still an entertaining book, although one for established fans and definitely not a jumping on point for new readers, but it’s to the earlier books what Mary’s Place is to Callahan’s: a good try, but missing a vital ingredient.

Book details

ISBN: 9780441001330
Publisher: Ace
Year of publication: 1993

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