The Day of Timestop


Rating: 2 stars

Dr Leif Barker, undercover agent for the Cold War Corps of the state of March, is given orders to cremate a woman immediately without any examination. This piques his curiosity and he discovers organs that leads him to suspect the woman as an extra-terrestrial.

I mostly enjoyed this book, with interesting world-building (existing states and power structures were wiped away when the vast majority of the world’s population is destroyed by a genetically engineered virus) and society but the main problem for me came in the first chapter, where the protagonist rapes a woman. This is explained away by the fact that she was an enemy agent who was sent to seduce him, but it still reads uncomfortably and throws a pall on the rest of the book, throughout which Barker is portrayed fairly sympathetically. Probably not one that I’ll go back to.

Book details

Publisher: Lancer Books
Year of publication: 1953

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