The Day Watch (Watch, #2)

By Sergei Lukyanenko

Rating: 4 stars

The second book in the Night Watch series, this continues the struggles of the forces of Light against Dark through the agencies of Moscow’s Night and Day Watches respectively, headed by their Great Magicians as they continue the battle with more subtle means than all-out war. I really rather enjoyed this book, split into three separate stories, each building on what came before to a rather startling climax as we see just how deep and far ahead the plans of the heads of the Watches go.

Two of the three stories in this book are told in the first person by Dark Ones while the third is told in the third person and uses both a Dark and Light One as the protagonists, only to show at the end just how little they knew of the plans they were part of.

As I said when talking about The Night Watch, I like the way that the ancient war between Light and Dark has taken the form of Police actions and with the Treaty has been codified. This causes the leaders of the forces into much more subtle paths, and the war becomes a game – something which both Light and Dark Others speak of more than once in the course of the book, seeing themselves as playing pieces to be moved and maybe sacrificed by the players, the leaders of the Watches, with only the Inquisition to adjudicate. A solid book and certainly one that makes me want to continue the series.

Book details

ISBN: 9780099489931
Publisher: Arrow
Year of publication: 2000

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