The Game

By Diana Wynne Jones

Rating: 3 stars

This little novella centres on Hayley Foss, who lives with her grandparents and is home-schooled with no friends. When she commits one infraction too many, her grandmother packs her off to her family in Ireland where she discovers many cousins, and also, the game. Unlike The Game, this involves traversing a multiverse of stories known as the Mythosphere. But the feared Uncle Jolyon is coming, and he has it in for Hayley.

This was an enjoyable little story, but I feel that it would benefit from a classical education. There are so many references that I feel I missed. I’m still not entirely sure I know who Fiddle and Flute were and other elements didn’t entirely make sense (why did Martya come and work for Hayley’s grandmother, for example?). But it kept moving at a good pace so you don’t think too hard about these things as you’re reading. I’m not sure it’ll linger long in the mind though.

Book details

ISBN: 9780142407189
Publisher: Firebird

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