The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul (Dirk Gently, #2)

By Douglas Adams

Rating: 3 stars

Terminal two at Heathrow airport blows up and it gets put down to an act of god. But only Dirk Gently wonders which god. This was a very odd book. It started off laugh out loud funny, almost like a Hitchhikers’ book, but seemed to lose that as the story progressed. For a given definition of progression. Dirk’s story never really seemed to dovetail very well with that of Kate Schechter, the other POV character and I’m still not entirely clear what happened at the end. Dirk’s showdown with the Draycotts appears to happen off-screen and the whole thing just didn’t really appear to end very well. Despite this, it’s still an enjoyable novel with a lot of Adams’ trademark dry humour, particularly in the earlier sections of the book.

Book details

ISBN: 9780330309554
Publisher: Pan Books
Year of publication: 1988

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