The Long Result

By John Brunner

Rating: 3 stars

Even in the future, racism is alive and well. The Stars are for Man League is determined to use any means to keep mankind supreme in the galaxy. This book examines galactic politics, racism and bureaucracy and still manages to be a page turner! It’s got that very 1960s positive attitude towards large government, the hero here being the head of a department in the Bureau of Cultural Relations (basically the alien contact agency of a united Earth) who has to deal with the League as well as with various Human colony worlds.

I managed to spot most twists well before the protagonist (only missing one big one that I should, in hindsight, has totally seen) but it was still an enjoyable read, showing a future Earth that is mature and comfortable with itself and its relationship with the rest of the galaxy.

Book details

ISBN: 9780345218872
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Year of publication: 1965

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