The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1)

By Becky Chambers

Rating: 5 stars

After I finished this book I wanted to hug every single crew member of the Wayfarer (yes, even Corbin). Since that wasn’t possible, I settled for the next best thing: I hugged the book instead. I absolutely adored this book but I’m struggling to put just why into words. The plot concerns the crew of the wormhole tunnelling ship Wayfarer, recently joined by Rosemary Harper, who is running away from her past. The crew is a heterogeneous affair, captained by a Human but with several other species on board. Right from the start you realise just how integrated they are, the lizard-like Aandrisk navigator, the strange double-minded Navigator, the jovial Dr Chef (whose name encompasses his functions), not to mention the ship’s AI, Lovey, as well as the human techs and algaeist who keep the ship running. Rosemary is lost at first, but soon settles into this odd crew, who are just about to get the contract of a lifetime.

The blurb on the cover of my copy uses the word ‘humane’ to describe the book, and I think that’s a great word. There’s something about it that gives you hope for Humanity and its future. One thing that I liked about it was that humans aren’t top dog in this universe. They’re Johnny-come-latelys to galactic society and only by accident at that. Humans messed up their own planet and had to flee, some to the solar system and others built a big fleet and sailed off into the unknown. If they hadn’t been found by an alien probe, they would all have died, and this has given them a sense of humility, one entirely lacking in current society. The ‘Exodans’ (those descended from the exodus Fleet) are mostly pacifist and have an understanding of themselves that I hope that we can achieve without having to lose the Earth.

So yes, humane, joyous, fun. For once, the cover blurbs are entirely accurate, as far as I’m concerned. I grew to care deeply about the crew of the Wayfarer and their very disparate lives and societies, yet bound together with ties of friendship and more. I was welling up more than once while reading this book, and rarely because of sadness. The writing is absolutely lovely and had me going at the good as much as the bad. And there’s certainly darkness in this universe. We see that in the “practicality” of the Galactic Commons, in the stories of Rosemary and Dr Chef and in hints at the past. But this is a galactic culture that accepts its history and looks forward as well.

I know there’s a companion novel (not sequel) to this coming out, but that seems to have a different focus. I really hope that there’s more stories to be told about the Wayfarer. I, for one, am going to desperately miss her crew.

Book details

ISBN: 9781473619814
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Year of publication: 2014

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