The Lost Child of Lychford (Lychford, #2)

By Paul Cornell

Rating: 4 stars

It’s nearly Christmas in Lychford but local vicar (and, coincidentally, witch) Lizzie is finding it awfully stressful. While she worries about her parishioners (and bad Christmas songs), something terrifying is worming its way into Lychford, and the ghost of a young boy has started following her around. With her friends (and fellow witches), Judith and Autumn, she has to get to the bottom of things before the big day.

Moreso than the first book in this series, this reminded me of Cornell’s London Falling, where there is doom and forces out to destroy humanity around every corner and only the will and faith of a very small number of people prevents it, and then at great personal cost, and by the skin of their teeth.

I like the very different characters of all the witches; and while I’m not a person of faith, and usually don’t have much interest in books that bring it to the fore, the faith here was done well and with enough facets to be interesting, not preachy. Like the previous book in the series, and the aforementioned London Falling, there’s a sense of ancient and malevolent forces that care nothing for us or anything like us and the incredibly thin line (or, indeed, blind luck) that’s kept us going thus far.

Engaging and with more depth than a novella of its size should be able to produce, I still don’t know if I can face the next book, where Lychford comes face to face with Brexit.

Book details

ISBN: 9780765389770
Year of publication: 2016

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