The Machineries Of Joy

By Ray Bradbury

Rating: 5 stars

I loved this collection of short stories. What can I say, Bradbury’s writing just hits the right spot in my brain. I was hooked from the first paragraph of the first story. The style and use of language just press all my buttons. In saying that, there was one story, El Dia de Muerte that just completely failed to gel for me. I read a few pages but I just didn’t care for or about it at all. It’s difficult to describe but it’s like not being able to focus on a magic eye picture. With Bradbury I can mostly ‘see the picture’ from the first sentence or two and get completely entranced, but that just didn’t work for me.

The cover bills this as a collection of horror stories, but it’s really not. Some have an aspect of horror, some are plain science fiction, some are fantasy, several are actually non-genre and some are just immensely sweet. The last story in particular, The Anthem Sprinters was one that I read just before going to bed and I was able to turn out the light with a smile on my face that didn’t fade for several minutes. A wonderful way to end a brilliant collection.

Book details

ISBN: 9780586043615
Publisher: Granada
Year of publication: 1964

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