The Magic Labyrinth (Riverworld 4)


Rating: 3 stars

Supposedly the final book in the Riverworld series, where all the questions would be answered, the final few pages of this were actually quite frustrating as a lot seemed to be resolved right at the end of Burton and co’s trip up the River to the tower at its headwaters. And the final few sentences had me tearing my hair out as one of the characters thinks he hears footsteps and then dismisses it as his imagination. Gah! Well, I guess I’ll be looking out for Gods of Riverworld now, won’t I?

Apart from that, it was a good book, with lots of elements of dark humour scattered throughout the book. The book does explain the reason behind the creation of the Riverworld itself and some of the philosophy which makes for interesting reading. So I guess it did answer the questions that had been building up, it just hasn’t necessarily concluded the story.

Book details

ISBN: 9780586053874
Publisher: Panther Books
Year of publication: 1980

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