The Prince


Rating: 4 stars

I read this slim volume for the philosophy evening class that I’m attending and found it quite interesting. Machiavelli’s book is structured as advice to a would-be prince at the start of his reign, focussing on a new prince, rather than one who inherited his kingdom.

While Machiavelli has become a byword for unscrupulousness, cunning and deception, although some of the advice in this book is unsavoury, for the time and place it was written, I can’t help thinking that it’s mostly sound. There’s a sort of subtle draw to it when I find myself nodding at the advice before catching myself :).

It’s short and pretty easy to read. Interesting for its historical perspective and, in some ways, it’s still relevant to government today.

Book details

ISBN: 9780937832387
Publisher: Dante University of America Press
Year of publication: 1532

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