The Puppet Masters

By Robert A. Heinlein

Rating: 2 stars

Sam is an agent with a top secret US government security agency who finds himself battling against alien parasites that take over human bodies as hosts. Together with fellow agent Mary and the head of the agency, they fight a battle for the survival of mankind.

This was a pretty straightforward action adventure story, with lots of running around, chasing and being chased. It had Heinlein’s politics hovering under the surface, and I found the treatment of Mary quite irritating: she changed from a smart, independent agent into a 1950s housewife the moment she gets married, never questioning her husband and seeming to lose her own will. Not the worst few hours of my life, but quite forgettable.

Book details

ISBN: 9781439133767
Publisher: Baen
Year of publication: 1951

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