The Ship Who Searched (Brainship, #3)

By Anne McCaffrey

Rating: 4 stars

Tia is a precocious daughter of archaeologists who take her with them on digs. On one, she is infected with a disease that destroys control of her body, leaving her dependent on life-support. Tia is eventually transferred to the ‘shellperson’ programme where her body is encased in a shell and her brainstem attached to a spaceship. She now has a mission: to understand whatever it was that laid her low and make sure it never attacks anyone again.

This is an old favourite, not demanding reading at all but the team of Tia and her ‘brawn’ Alex is a fun one and their adventures make for enjoyable light reading. Like a lot of McCaffrey, it’s unambitious (more thought could certainly have been given to the setting) but enjoyable.

Book details

ISBN: 9781857232059
Publisher: Orbit
Year of publication: 1992

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