The Stainless Steel Rat for President (Stainless Steel Rat, #8)

By Harry Harrison

Rating: 3 stars

Slippery Jim DiGriz is back, this time away to the paradise planet (so the tourist brochures say) of Paraiso Aqui, from where a garbled message has come. Now a reformed character, he finds a planet with a fa├žade of democracy but ruled by a brutal dictator. With his psychopathic wife and equally crooked children by his side, he sets out to rig the already rigged election and bring true democracy to this benighted planet.

A fun short novel, it’s nice to see Slippery Jim up to his old tricks again, with his apparently infinite supply of smoke bombs, sleeping gas and other bits and bobs that a straight crook needs.

Just as I was thinking that Jim was having everything his own way, he ran into some serious trouble, that slowed him down (although being the Stainless Steel Rat, not for all that long).

There are a few satirical notes on dictatorship and democracy, but these are kept to the background, leaving the adventure and humour to come to the fore. A fun, if a somewhat shallow, story that’s enjoyable and quick to read.

Book details

ISBN: 9780722145364
Publisher: Sphere Books Limited
Year of publication: 1982

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